Missions & principles : Multidisciplinary teams


Next to these 3 living environments (accommodation, day work structures and the Club) multidisciplinary teams complete our services through :


  • The social department

    ► keeps the handicapped person in its history with respect of its root
    ► supports the handicapped person regarding familial relationships
    ► maintains a permanent relationship between the institution, the recipient and the family

  • Medical department

    ►  develops preventative health measures and health education
    ► is the interface between doctors, handicapped people, educational and pedagogical services
    is the institutional reference for families regarding recipients’ health

  • Psychology department

    ► helps mental handicapped people to develop themselves and achieve welfare

    ► supports staff members by counselling them in their work

    ► actively participates in essential topics of the institution’s thinking

  • Continuous training department (Sefope)

    Is in charge of single or group training, divided into 5 big domains:
    ► social skills
    ► homemaking
    ► intellectual development
    ► health
    ► professional training

    Creates pedagogic adapted tools, training material and constantly tries to improve them

    Regularly evaluates residents abilities

  • Couple’s councillors

    Includes staff members who:
    ► advise mentally handicapped partners who want to be in a loving relationship
    ► give priority to autonomy
    ► help partners to develop their common project

  • Philosophical and religious animations’ service

    ► offers perspectives regarding human values, philosophy, spirituality and religion

    ► covers society topics, citizenship and the concept of solidarity

    ►  creates animations programmes; regular projects and actions, thinking sessions, partnerships offers