Les Coulisses’ projects can be developed thanks to famous artists and professionals help. There are different sections :


  • Plantin Theater : shows and plays
  • Scenography: stage set, costumes and accessories creations needed for plays or movies.
  • Studio 24 : making video reports or video fictions
  • Music


Twenty recipients work on these activities.


A specific place

Les Coulisses is located in the middle of Soignies’ countryside, in a new building that is adapted to the activities and needs. Indeed, in this structure, the Coulisses members can create plays or movies on their own, from the writing to the post production. The Plantin Theater regularly performs plays in Belgium and abroad.



These activities were created in 2001, based on an idea of la Compagnie des sept Mers, a theater company from Brussels that collaborated with the Centre Reine Fabiola from 2000 to 2006. At that point, there was a willing to not only perform plays but also to support related arts (particularly audiovisual arts). From a pedagogical point of view, this project was about helping recipients to become complete actors in their own society, with the duty of understanding the world and creating a dialogue.