Pedagogy : Training


At Centre Reine Fabiola, each living environment and pedagogical department collaborate in order to achieve 2 objectives:


► Communicate the willingness to understand, to learn, to feel good, to be open minded, to be assertive, to exist.
► Maintain acquired skills through different procedures and actions, all based on an essential principle, putting handicapped people in such a situation to make sure they will use all resources they have.

Continuous training department : Sefope


Gathered around 15 staff members, this department works through 3 different activities:


►  Regular evaluation of handicapped persons abilities.
Creating training programmes adapted to particular requests.
► Creation and communication of adapted didactic tools to educational teams


5 training areas

Various training programs are offered based on a mutual commitment contract between the trainer and the trainee.


There are 5 training areas :

Social skills
► Homemaking
► Intellectual skills
► Health
► Professional training


Each of this area includes a variety training sessions, built up through the same structure:


► awakening phase that seeks to provoke interest for the training’s topic
self awareness : the trainee must be aware of their own feelings and behaviour, in order to change them if necessary
practical phase, seeks to gain further knowledge and abilities


Work in constant evolution

New needs regularly appear, residents have new requests and new training programmes are created for instance, training programmes to learn how to use a computer. We should also mention sign language training that started a few years ago, created in order to help educators to communicate with hearing disabled people and keep integrating them in their environment.