Human resources

Centre Reine Fabiola consists of 9 associations and numbers :


540 staff members. 361 of them are educators that work in residential homes, day workshops and at the Club (leisure activities). Other staff members work for pedagogical departments (social, medical, psychological services) and administrative services (IT, accounting, buildings care etc)


► 269 staff members (234 workers) at the adapted work company (Nekto).

Students, volunteers and interns at Centre Reine Fabiola

Every year, the Centre Reine Fabiola looks for students who need an internship or a job during holidays to give a hand in residences or days workshops for mentally disabled people’s care. The Centre also needs volunteers during the holidays stays planned by the institution. (see the leisure section of this website)

Job opportunities at Nekto

The adapted work company « Nekto » hires, besides educators, around 180 workers, spread among different sections. Applicants must provide the following documents received by AViQ (Agence pour un Vie de Qualité) : - a recording member ; - a professional agreement to work in an adapted work company For further information, please check out AViQ website or get in touch with their nearest office.

Interested in working for us?

Please fill in the resume and send it with a cover letter to grh@centrereinefabiola.beOr by post to : Centre Reine Fabiola - Service de la Gestion des Ressources Humaines 455, rue de Neufvilles, 7063 Neufvilles