50 activities organized in 10 different places.

►  Working activities are adapted to each recipients pace and abilities.
►  Large offer of activities to enable all recipients to show their abilities and get the acknowledgment and blossoming they need.

►  Activities organized inside or outside, individual or team work, in various areas like food, arts, services, craft, packaging…

These activities are spread among workshops, a work help centre and an adapted work company (Nekto) that counts 180 workers. For each worker :
►  There are adapted tools (adapted material, safe environment, qualified educational staff)
►  Large amount of choices, possible changes, creative tasks

►  Active role during work meetings
►  Acknowledgement by the institution regarding a valued activity that is useful to the community or the society (contacts with clients, information about final use)

Day Service for Adults (S.A.J.A)
was created in 1995 and offers activities to mentally disabled adults that don’t live at the Centre Reine Fabiola. They can indeed join the activities and use the infrastructures (pedagogical services, the continuous training department, leisure and holidays activities) but they live either with their family or in another institution. This Service can be a good solution or transition period between living with the family and living full time in an institution.