A procedure tough but thought through

When a mentally disabled person wants to join the Centre Reine Fabiola, its family or professional support must first send an application to the social department.

Main steps


The Application file
► Is sent by the social department to the requester
Contains 3 different parts : the social, medial and psycho-pedagogical parts.
► Objective : gathering as much information as possible regarding the applicant in order to correctly understand their request, situation and history.
► Specifically contains the obligation for young women to accept contraceptives.


Admission commission: first meeting
All requests are examined by a multidisciplinary admission commission.
► A first decision is made, continuing to the next application step, stopping the procedure or asking for further information.


Admission visit
► This is the first contact between the mentally disabled person (who is obliged to be present), the family (or former institution) and the Centre Reine Fabiola ;
► First Visit to the institution’s structures.

Admission commission; Second meeting
Final decision: the request is accepted or refused.


Pre-stay visit and contract signature
This pre-stay visit is planned 2 weeks before the future resident officially joins the institution.
► This is an opportunity to visit their future accommodation that he or she’ll join on the very first day.
► The future resident signs an agreement in which he or she expresses their willingness to live in Neufvilles and their commitment

Coordination meeting
► This is a key moment
The first internship is chosen, each resident will have to complete 3 internships in 3 different day workshops during the first months.


After a month; first evaluation
► This is a co-ordination meeting that allows an analysis and to put working patterns in place to accompany the resident


First return back home
► A month is necessary for the resident to adapt to their new living environment
► After a month, the resident comes back home to their family for a weekend.


New meeting with the family
► This new meeting between the social department and the family is planned just before the end of the resident’s third internship.
This is an opportunity for the family to express how they felt during these first three months and to discuss important points.

After 3 months: end of probationary period and evaluation meeting  
► Final evaluation that will confirm or not the admission, will settle the work patterns and will decide the definitive day workshop for the resident. The mentally disabled person officially agrees to respect the rights and duties handbook and will be allowed to stay at Centre Reine Fabiola as long as it is possible to give him or her quality services and as long as he/she will agree to stay.