Leisure : Activities offered

Socio-cultural activities

► Mainly planned on nights and weekends
► Objectives: developing a vision about the living environment, knowing themselves better, maintaining or improving its manual, written, creative abilities, etc.
► Activities: 

Expression workshops (drawing, do-it-yourself, singing, drums, models…)
Dance parties
Local folklore (creation of « Giants society »)
Tourism, etc.


Giants society gathers our institution’s residents but also external groups. They all take part together in folkloric manifestations like Simpelourd in Soignies. This wide artistic project includes many of our objectives like integration, valuation and responsibility.

Sports activities

►  Planned during the day but also on nights
►  These activities are adapted to participants’ personal project, from leisure to competitions, and contribute to individual, social or technical development.


► Different activities :

Relaxing and aquatic toning
Games based on existing sports rules which are modified depending on players abilities. They are also adapted to people who get physically weaker.
Regular activities that maintain physical abilities : gym, badminton, uni-hoc, fitness and workout, net-ball, football, climbing, horse riding, athletics, triathlon, biking, judo or yoga (with the help of an external coach)
Training to help people to improve their technical abilities and reach the level of a competition. Teams from the Club participate every year in “Special Olympics Belgium” and represent Centre Reine Fiabola” in various disciplines : running, football, table-tennis, horse riding, shot putt.


Planning holidays stays, in Belgium and abroad, for 350 disabled people is a very wide project that can be successful only through a good organization, transportation and monitoring but also through values like originality and comfort.


Holidays stays are planned in July and respect the following objectives :


► Creation of small groups of ten disabled people
► Offering the opportunity to spend 3 weeks discovering different places while respecting everyone’s rhythm.
► Offering different holidays, wide natural spaces, familial atmosphere, sports holidays, relaxing stays, etc.