• In the village of Neufvilles or in the city of Soignies
  • There are various types of accommodation, depending on the needs ; community homes, houses, individual apartments, apartments for couples, supervised apartments, structures for elderly or more dependent people
  • Each structure has its own pedagogical project and objectives
Pedagogical support
  • Pedagogical support
  • Leisure activities available
  • Training and maintaining of skills
  • Attentive listening and real collaboration with recipients
  • Encouraging group dynamics
  • Respecting everyone’s moral, philosophical and religious values
  • Adapted support at each stage of life
  • Educational action taking part in the modern socio-cultural context and respecting residents familial history…

This pedagogical support is put in place through a collaboration with other educational teams and pedagogical services
Accomodation located in Neufville : Le Garnisteau, le Godimont, la Gradine, le Hameau, le Masy, la Motte, le Mouligneau, les Logis, la Reverdie, les Tourelles and la Villa.
Accomodation located in Soignies : les Appartements Supervisés, la Maladrée and les Résidences.

Les appartements supervisés
Le Garnisteau
Le godimont
La Gradine
Le Hameau
Les logis
La Maladrée
Le Masy
Le Mouligneau
La Motte
Les résidences
La reverdie
Les tourelles
La villa